Thanks for doing it again!  Several years ago you rehabbed my left shoulder, then a couple of years later you rehabbed my right shoulder (both now doing very well!) and lately you got me walking again.   I had fallen in the rock garden and a few weeks later had some stiffness when I got up one morning.   The next morning I could barely walk, but did make it to your clinic.  Long story short, within three days you had me walking and I even made it through Sky Harbor to catch a plane.  Thanks!

Richard Deems

Make no mistake about it, Andy Clary is committed to excellence. As a forty year runner, I have required physical therapy from time-to-time over the years. Several months ago, I sought treatment for sudden and severe lower back disc pain. Discouraged, I was referred to Andy at Frogs by an orthopedic surgeon, although I was not prepared for what I experienced. Andy’s expertise, knowledge, experience and work ethic is unmatched in the industry. I have been the beneficiary of these qualities and Andy s incredible skill, now that he has me back in the game. Kudos to Andy and the folks at FROGS Physical Therapy.

Mark Tharp


Thank you for using your expertise to help me. I am excited to be on the road to becoming stronger and in better shape.


My orthopedic surgeon recommended 12 sessions at Frogs for pain located in the clavicle & neck areas. At the end of the sessions, I was not only pain free but much more limber. They also sent me home with some exercises I could do on my own to help the problem from reoccurring. Because of Andy’s background he is excellent at diagnosing a problem and choosing the appropriate exercises, etc. for the problem.  He and his staff are very likable and I would definitely recommend FROGS PT to a friend.


I found myself on top of Humboldt Pk at 14,064 ft. I had a picture taken July 1 2011 (I attached it to my email)

Thanks for all of your help. When I came to you, DR C made the statement “our first goal is to save the leg” and together we did that and much more.

Thanks again and I wanted to share positive results.

Mitch Gubser

I’ve known “Andy Clary” for almost ten years (before he started FROGS PT), and have full trust in him and in the way he plans and proceeds with each treatment.  He is a knowledgeable and experienced therapist and treats each patient with utmost care.  He is professional in his field and is a kind gentleman, who takes care of each and every patient with utmost attention and care.  I feel myself in good care when Andy works on my injuries, and trust in his professional approach and treatment.  I consider  Andy one of the best in this field and strongly recommend him to all my family and friends.  May God bless him and make him more successful in his services to the patients, who, I believe, have the same feeling and view as I have.

Hacob Babayans

About 2 1/2 years ago I sustained an injury to my low back while on the job.  At first I thought it was no big deal, I tried to shake it off and just keep going.  But after 3 weeks my pain was getting worse.  Over the next two years I saw 2 different physical therapists, tried chiropractic medicine, saw two physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehab and even had dry needle trigger point injections.  Everyone I saw was hopeful they could help me, but eventually the outcome was always the same – the pain was still there.  At that time I was very discouraged.  Then a friend of mine suggested I see Andy at FROGS.  I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about seeing another physical therapist – but I’m so glad I went.  After the first visit as I stood up to walk out the door I noticed something very different – my back didn’t hurt!  After living with constant pain at some degree for 2 years, it was an almost startling sensation.  After my visits with Andy were complete I felt stronger and was not having nagging pain 24/7.  I really felt like myself again!  I’m so glad I came to FROGS and would highly recommend Andy to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

Jen E.

FROGS Physical Therapy – Thank You!

You MUST meet Andy and his staff if you wish to eliminate your pain and /or recover from chronic issues. For over 10 years, I have traveled extensively and was resigned to believing that my back, neck and shoulder pain would simply be unresolved. Then 18 months ago, I had to give up running due to knee pain. Frustration and depression were inevitable.

I began seeing Andy at FROGS PT 7 weeks ago, and now not only am I pain free, but now I’m running again too! My home program now begins and I will truly miss seeing Andy and his team. They are amazing!  I give Andy tremendous gratitude and my highest recommendation! Bravo!


J. Lynn

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